Funding Solutions for UK SMEs

With a reported 2 in 5 UK SMEs set to stay shut post Covid-19, there is a real need for small to medium businesses to be able to access alternative forms of funding to get back on track.

Whilst the government’s CBILs and Bounce Back Loan schemes may have lightened the load for some firms, those businesses that have continued to rack up bills may not be able to come back. If the business owns its trading premises then there may solutions available to help the business recover, releasing some much needed capital back into the business and spring boarding it forward.

If traditional business finance routes have been exhausted then perhaps a like sale and leaseback transaction could be the solution to help save a business.

Sometimes the high street bank is not the only choice to assist with a viable business. Sometimes high street banks will not provide a clear pathway forward or indeed the funds a business needs. Sometimes the bank’s answer is a cold ‘No’.

A sale and leaseback transaction is when your business premises is purchased and then immediately rented back to you. This releases vital capital to fund operations moving forward. There is no disruption to the day-to-day running or operations of your business. We can even look procuring new premises and leasing them back to you to assist in expansion.

Whenever considering any form of financial transaction for your business, we suggest you always seek professional advice. We are principals in the sale and leaseback space, meaning we buy the property ourselves, so you will be speaking to a decision maker. If you would like to know more, fill in our contact form to begin the process and get a free valuation on your building.

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