Patent Box


What is the Patent Box?

The Patent Box tax relief is the Government’s way of rewarding companies that are driving innovation. The aim is to encourage the development of new patented inventions in the UK.

If your company is making a profit on your patented inventions, you will be eligible for a lower effective corporation tax rate of 10% on your relevant profits.

This will save your company money and allow you to invest in future innovation.

If you are eligible for the Patent Box tax relief, it is likely that you are also eligible for R&D tax relief. Our team of experts are here to help.

Absolutely No Upfront Fees


Did you know the average benefit for large companies is £2m?


Did we mention the average benefit for SMEs is £59k?


Benefit from an effective tax rate of just 10% on your relevant profits – the normal corporate tax rate is 19%!

The Patent Box Calculator

The Patent Box relief is given in the company’s corporation taxcomputation using the following formula: RP × ((MR – IPR) ÷ MR) RP is the profits of a company’s trade relevant to the Patent Box MR is the (main) rate of Corporation Tax IPR is the reduced rate of 10 per cent Impact is an EFFECTIVE rate of 10% on Patent profit stream

A tad complicated isn’t it?

Thankfully we do all the hard work for you.

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